Universal Birthday Parties Mt Juliet TN

Birthday parties are 2 hours long and are held on Saturdays from 1p-3p.

A non-refundable deposit of $50 is required at time of reservation. You may arrive 30 minutes prior to your party to set up.

Choose a Package:

  • 11 participants or less: $275
  • Up to 15 participants: $335
  • Up to 20 participants: $385

Currently enrolled Universal students receive a $25 discount on their Birthday Party!

Choose from the following Party Themes:

  • Gymnastics – Ages 2- 18 years
  • Nerf Wars* – Ages 7 years
  • Ninja – Ages 5+ years

*Bring your own Nerf Gyms, foam darts, and safety glasses!


Party will include one hour in the gym doing gymnastics, ninja or nerf wars and, the other hour will be for your planned party activities (including presents, cake, ice cream, or whatever you desire).

The first party that signs up has the choice to pick what which party room they want and which hour they want to be in the gym.

Party customers bring any decorations needed and we will help bring everything in and help with set up. You can make it as big or small as you would like. Some parties keep it simple with just cake, Others go all out and bring pizza, snacks and/or lunch as well as cake and ice cream. Some bring a lot of decorations and others keep it simple and sweet.

Staff will entertain the party while parents relax or, parents are welcome to observe in the gym while the party is going on in the gym.

Staff will help with clean up and help with getting everything to your vehicles.

We usually have two parties going on at the same time. One in the gym the first hour and one with family and friends celebrating with the birthday boy or girl. The groups switch after the first hour. We have the following areas available for parties:

A large space on the mezzanine upstairs overlooking the gym

A large room behind the mezzanine upstairs that looks amazing with decorations. The room also includes music, a tv monitor, bright lights or dimmed lights if needed

We also have the lobby available going directly into the gym with access to a kitchen. This is a great space for anyone that has family or friends that can’t walk up and down the stairs

Please let us know exactly what you are looking for to have the best party ever!

Pricing for birthday parties does not include cake or decorations.
Each participant must have an account with the liability waiver signed in order to join in the party activities.
A participant is defined as any person, of any age, that will be on the gym floor using the gym equipment during the party (parents accompanying children under 3 are not counted).

Please call the gym at 615-758-4791 if you have any questions! Alternatively, contact us online with any questions or concerns you might have, and feel free to check out our FAQ page!

Coming to a friend’s birthday party?

Click to create an account and sign the waiver!

Our waiver is required for any and all party participants.

If a guest has not created an account and signed the waiver prior to the party, they will have to do so before they can join in the festivities.

If you have any questions for us, feel free to reach out today!