We know many of you have concerns and questions about the continued spread of the coronavirus, or COVID-19. As gym owners you always think about safety in all areas of the business. This includes how we clean and disinfect our gym on a daily basis.

Our cleaning requirements include disinfecting all surfaces, including mats, blocks, carpets, ninja course, etc. with a hospital grade disinfectant. The two types of disinfectants we use are Halt and GS Neutral. Both of these products exhibit virucidal activity against a long list of viruses including several strains of human coronavirus. Per manufacturer guidelines, we spray all surfaces within the gym using a pressurized spraying system as well as use it to wipe down surfaces in all other areas for both of our facilities. In addition we spray these disinfectants into HVAC air filtration airstreams as well. This will aid in deactivating germs and viruses that may be airborne. Our goal is to become as germ and virus free of a facility as possible.

We have already increased the frequency our sanitizing cycles as well as adding additional hand sanitizer / tissue stations in both our buildings. In addition, we have educated our staff to enhance their knowledge level of how to properly use these products as well as making sure your children, while with us, understand the importance of covering their mouths when they cough or sneeze as well as making sure they wash their hands properly.

Drop off & Pick up Procedures
Temporarily, we are trying to limit the number of people in the building at any given time.  If you are comfortable dropping your child off and then picking them up after class that help keep our numbers down.  We will have a Universal associate greet you at the front door to perform a temperature check and sanitize their hands before entry to the building as an added safety precaution. Once they are cleared, we will escort your child to the appropriate coach. All classes will be separated in groups of 8 or less throughout the gym. We understand that students ages 3-4 should have a parent present and are asking that only one parent per child stay in the building.  Parents will be asked to go directly to the mezzanine and practice safe social distancing. After class has ended, we will bring your child to the front door for pickup. Children will sanitize their hands before and after class. Parking spaces in the front of the building will be available for drop off and pickup only.  Please utilize the lot across the street and walk your child to the front door if you are able.
Please bring your child dressed ready for class and have them wear flip-flops or slip on shoes so that we can get your child to you after class quickly before the next class arrives. No lace up shoes if possible – Ninja classes are the exception. Please also instruct your child on how to properly sneeze or cough into their elbow and to keep their hands away from their faces.  Also have your child bring a water bottle with plain water only to class – our water fountains are sealed off and will not be available for use
Makeup Policy
You will be able to make up all classes missed from March 1 – May 30 due to the pandemic.  You may enroll in multiple makeup classes per month provided there is space.
All makeups from the pandemic are available and must be completed by December 18, 2020. You must be a current member to enroll in makeup classes.

As another option, you are able to use Open Gyms as a makeup and there is no monthly limit to those.

These procedures will stay in effect until further notice, and we will continue to closely monitor the situation and update you with any changes.

In closing, we want you to feel comfortable knowing we are taking extreme measures to keep your children safe.

Please feel free to share concerns or ask any questions you may have.