Universal Gymnastics, established in March of 1993, is more than just a community of families: we work to be positive role models for children and become an extension of your family. This mindset is at the core of everything we do, and we are grateful to be part of your children’s lives.
Gymnastics allows children to dream big, while also learning strength, flexibility, balance, and coordination along the way. Universal teaches life skills, stepping stones that carry children forward as they mature and grow into young adults.
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Our mission is to spread the joy of gymnastics and creative movement to all the children in the area! 

 Universal Gymnastics, Inc. is an active member of the USA and NGA Gymnastics Member Club. Our coaches are safety certified and continuously trained to coach as new techniques are introduced. This is just part of our commitment to excellence and integrity, coupled with our personable coaches excited to teach and train in our uniquely developed signature programs in a fun and safe environment!