During this time of social distancing, Universal Gymnastics wants to bring our programs to you at your home!

We will now be offering online classes to all of our members. We are very excited to incorporate home learning into your child’s membership with us!

Our professional coaches will prepare weekly videos for each of our programs to be watched on our YouTube channel.  Your child can participate by practicing along in your living room using a mat or in your backyard on the grass.

Coaches will track and communicate with their athletes using MySkillChart.com.

MySkillChart.com allows you to submit a video of your child performing skills.  Afterwards, coaches will review, rate the skill, and leave a comment regarding their progress.

Don’t give up on health and fitness and stay active with us!

Online Class Schedule:

Videos are posted on Mondays

Practice the skills throughout the week and then upload your child’s video to the skill chart to MySkillChart.com. *At this time, videos must be uploaded using a web browser. Do not use the mobile application found on your iPhone (iOS) or Android device to upload videos.

Only the Skills of the Week will be evaluated, as instructed by your coach. Our coaches will review your video and leave a comment. This way your child can review, practice, and be prepared for the next lesson!

You can watch the class videos on our YouTube Channel. Videos will remain posted on the YouTube Channel indefinitely!

Although classes are available to the community, you must be enrolled as an active member to be skill tracked and reviewed by our professional coaches.

How to access MySkillChart.com

Click on your phone’s browser (Safari on iPhone, Chrome on Android)
Go to www.universalgymtn.com
Click on Home Learning
Click to Log in to MySkillChart.com
Enter your email address and click Proceed
Enter your password (or click Forgot Password to set it)

From your Dashboard, you will be able to see the classes your child is enrolled in.

If you click the Action Icon beside a skill, you will be able to upload a video for your child’s coach to view!  They will also rate the skill and leave a comment for you.

Watch the video below for a step-by-step walk through.

Click below to login to MySkillChart.com to access your child’s skill chart.

Click below to watch our YouTube videos.

Not a member but interested in Home Learning?
Click below to send us a message.