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Ages 5+
1 hour per week – $68/month

Urban Movement is a method of creative movement using one’s own body, surroundings, and momentum in a safe and efficient manner. Practitioners apply progressions to improve body and air awareness while running, climbing, swinging, vaulting, jumping, rolling, twisting, and kicking. Similar to Parkour, this sport is particularly great for boys who aren’t into the average, every day team sports and would rather focus their energy in exercises that are fast-paced and FUN and really don’t feel like exercise at all!


Ages 5-9 years old
1 hour per week – $68/month

Our ninja classes focus on improving balance, strength, and coordination in preparation for our Ninja Warrior Course.


Ages 10+
1 hour per week – $68/month

The Ninja Warrior Course is similar to the one you see on the American Ninja Warrior Show.